For 23 years, Martin has been teaching journalism at Springfield College. For five years before that, he taught high school English. Some of his teaching honors have included:

Martin receiving the 2020 Imprint Award
  • Tributes from students

    In 2021, Martin stepped down from his role as the advisor to the Springfield College student newspaper. The editors surprised him with this tribute that ran in a tiny font through eight pages of the paper:

“Marty was intensely committed to not only the newspaper, but forging relationships with every student who was involved with the paper.”

Jack Magaros ’21

“He acts in accordance with a worldview that prizes faith in the future and the generally good nature of humanity…. In observing Marty, you realize just how much more work the optimist has to do.”

Matt Tuthill ’03

“Marty was there when my hometown best friend died. Then again when my field hockey career came crashing to an end from a concussion. He never shied away from the uncomfortable – something he always teaches his students.”

Gabby Guerard ’20